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Amanda Baker

Adviser, Student Success Center, WVU Tech

“I did not set out with a career goal of becoming an academic adviser. However, I think the winding road and exposure to different experiences that brought me to this role have allowed me to more easily connect with a wider array of students.”

Top 5 CliftonStrengths®

Developer, Relator, Empathy, Harmony, Responsibility

Amanda leads a team of three advisers in the Student Success Center at WVU Tech. The team advises all freshmen, transfer students who have earned fewer than 30 credit hours, as well as all general education students. Typically, their advisees stay assigned to them for about three semesters, and then continuing students who meet their benchmark criteria are transitioned to a faculty adviser from within their major. 

She isn’t sure that she could just choose one particular thing that she loves most about being an adviser, saying that it is such a rewarding position! She enjoys assisting students through their transition to college and helping them gain confidence to success. Getting to know them and learning from them are high points in her day-to-day activities. 

Amanda adds, “Being a part of their journey toward reaching their goals is powerful. It doesn’t feel like work!”

Her main advice to students? Do not be afraid to seek help and to ask questions!