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Key Dates and Events

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    Adviser Appreciation Day

    A day to celebrate WVU’s academic advisers by extending our thanks in person and virtually.

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    Advising Conference

    A statewide conference to connect with advising peers and discuss best practices in a changing advising landscape.

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General list of action items throughout the year


Key dates: Last day to add/drop course; Application to graduate opens; major change deadline, SAP appeal deadline; 2 week alerts issued; deadline to appeal a final fall semester grade

Advising Activities: NSO for incoming Spring students, Academic Contracts for students below a 2.0 GPA, Mid-Year Academy activities, students enrolled in duplicate credit notified (advisers copied)

Advising Leads may: Welcome back messaging; Messaging to students not registered; outreach to students with 2-week alerts, support for CPOS audits


Key dates:

Advising Activities: Advising campaigns typically started

Advising Leads may: provide support for CPOS audits


Key dates: midsemester classes add/drop date; application to graduate closes, Spring Break; summer/fall semester course schedule posts

Advising Activities: midterm grades released

Advising Leads may: midterm grade messaging, provide support for CPOS audits


Key dates: 12 week alert issued; last day to withdraw from the semester

Advising Activities: Registration underway

Advising Leads may: outreach to non-registered students


Key dates: finals week; final grades posted; graduation; deadline to appeal a final spring grade

Advising Activities: Academic contracts for students below a 2.0,

Advising Leads may: outreach to nonregistered students, run a report of students registered for less than 15 credits, NSO prep (university training, calendars up-to-date, campaigns ready to launch)


Key dates:

Advising Activities: NSO

Advising Leads may:


Key dates:

Advising Activities: AP scores post

Advising Leads may: pull list of AP scores for NSO students who may need adjustments to courses; balance advising loads, prepare for Academic Day


Key dates: Welcome Week, Academic Day, first day of classes, last day to take ALEKS, last day to add/drop classes without a W, application to graduate opens, students enrolled in duplicate credit will receive messaging from Registrar (adviser copied); deadline to appeal a final summer grade

Advising Activities: walk-in advising for late registration, August NSO students, academic contracts in place for students under a 2.0 GPA

Advising Leads may: welcome back to campus messaging, academic notice/probation notification/reports


Key dates: Registered Not Paid deadline

Advising Activities: Advising campaigns begin

Advising Leads may: continue to provide CPOS support


Key dates: Fall break, spring semester course schedule posts, midsemester classes add/drop date; application to graduate closes, midterm grades due

Advising Activities: midterm grades available; registration begins

Advising Leads may: messaging to students who received poor midterm grades


Key dates: last day to withdraw from a course without a W, Thanksgiving break

Advising Activities: registration

Advising Leads may: outreach to students who are not registered


Key dates: finals week, final grades post, winter break

Advising Activities: academic contracts for students who are below a 2.0, midyear academy may begin, Spring NSO may begin, suspension appeals, Satisfactory Academic Progress financial aid appeals

Advising Leads may: suspension appeals