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Cathy Manley

Health and Wellbeing Adviser
College of Applied Human Sciences

“Get involved! This starts when you step foot on campus by trying out different events and organizations. Then, get involved in your classes. Go to class, engage with your classmates, and interact with your instructors. Research has shown that getting involved leads to a higher GPA and greater overall well-being.”

Top 5 CliftonStrengths: Analytical/Harmony/Connectedness/Learner/Futuristic

Cathy advises students in BA and BS Health & Well-being majors in the College of Applied Human Sciences.  She often interacts with students exploring whether this major is a good fit for them as well.  She became an academic adviser for the extended contact with students and the ability to create impact in their lives.  “I saw advising as an opportunity to advocate for all students and to bring awareness to injustices that directly impact students,” she notes.    

This passion for forming stronger student relationships and helping students find purpose and direction for their future is partly why fellow adviser Hilary Woodrum notes, “Cathy is the best colleague I have ever had.  Her logical and technical skills have improved advising in our entire unit.”

Cathy recently successfully defended her dissertation, so when you see her next, be sure to give her a big congratulations!