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Guide to Degree Works Notes

Academic Information for General Advising Appointments

Major/CGPA/Att/E/IP Provide context for the advice given. IP prompts adviser to address registration issues.
GPA deficiencies Document that student was put on notice regarding deficiencies for admission to major, graduation, probation, suspension, etc.
Remaining GEF/GEC Identify actual general ed requirements for student's current or intended major which may not be clear in Degree Works due to the way courses populate this block. Documents discussion with student/provides record so student does not duplicate general ed courses.
Remaining pre-reqs for admission to major/program Document discussion with student and provide list for reference.
Creation of plan/update of plan Document plan name and reason for plan; indicate whether failure to take a course will affect progress; list courses for upcoming semester in note as well.
Study abroad Include referral to Office of International Programs and any special concerns regarding the study abroad program (i.e. will credits be transferred in time to graduate the following semester, are courses available to fulfill major requirements, is student going to take a prerequisite course abroad that will be necessary for a subsequent course at WVU, etc.). Include notice that student must have transient form approved to transfer classes.
Missed appointments Document reason for missed appointment.
Action items for student Document anything student needs to do for follow-up (provide syllabus for course approval, obtain department approval or override for a course, contact financial aid or scholarship office to confirm that student will meet requirements for renewal, etc.).
FERPA Document signed FERPA form and presence of anyone other than the student in the meeting or participation by any other person in a phone call.  If form is not signed (ex: student and parent on the phone and cannot sign form in advisor's presence or parent just has general questions about program), document discussion of general issues only with no disclosure of student information beyond anything permitted in Banner.

Academic Information Addressed Outside of General Advising Appointments

ASU releasing student from department Document when created and how it is being transmitted to department (i.e. electronic, campus mail, hand- delivered by student, etc.).
Receipt of ASU for student transferring in to department Document when received and if accepted, when it was transmitted to OUR.  If not accepted, document reasons and where the ASU was sent from that point.
ASU updating catalog, adding minor, etc. Document reason(s) for the change.
Transient forms Document the creation of form and the WVU equivalents covered the student will be taking. Include any notes regarding special circumstances (i.e. hold until grades post to confirm GPA > or = 2.0/pre-req for summer course
currently in progress). Document residency rule implications.
Phone calls Document advice provided if necessary. Indicate if follow-up email was sent.
Email request Document advice provided if necessary. Copy/paste text of email if appropriate.
90 credit check Document credit check for graduation eligibility; note deficiencies, exceptions that need to be made, duplicate
credits, etc.
Dropping courses/withdrawing from the University Document deadlines for dropping single classes with a W or withdrawing from the entire semester; document whether student receives financial aid and the impact on completion rate; refer student to financial aid office, housing office, VA a office (if receiving GI Benefits), or student accounts if there might be financial consequences to
Financial Aid Appeals Document plan according to Financial Aid guidelines.

Personal/Developmental Information:

  • Personal concerns expressed by student during an advising session/phone call/email
  • Referral to tutoring services/websites/other academic services
  • Student's career goals/grad school plans
  • Student's concerns about major/possible major change
  • Discussions re: withdrawing from WVU/transferring to another institution
  • Referral to career services or career-related events
  • Student's plans for internship/summer employment/career-related experiences