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Sample Template for Notes

Below is the sample template I use for typing advising note during the meeting with my business students in the pre-majors. 

I save my template as a Word document in an Appointments file (folders for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. when I am preparing in advance to help keep them organized) and move it to a Completed folder when I have finished copying the note into Degree Works. I name each document as follows: Last name, First name With this filing system, the notes will “self-sort” so I can see any past notes that I made for a particular student in one place. They can be deleted periodically, but I generally keep them at least one term after the appointment. I have actually been able to go back to this list when Degree Works is unavailable and see what advice I had given a student or what issues were discussed. 

The list below includes basic information that I include in any advising appointment. However, as I review the student’s file prior to the meeting, I will include items with a question mark as a prompt to discuss the issue. For example:

  • If a student needs to take a summer class in order to graduate on time, I would include “Summer?” 
  • If the student has not taken a required math class yet, I will type “Math?” to prompt the discussion and the warning that failure to complete MATH 126 with a C or better may result in dismissal from the College or will prevent the student from completing prerequisites for admission to a business major. 
  • If the student is enrolled in fewer than 30 hours for the year, or if the CGPA is low, I would include “Financial aid/Scholarship?” to prompt a discussion of general requirements and a referral to the appropriate office for more information. 
  • If a student is close to suspension, I will add “Probation?/Suspension?” Advisors are encouraged to develop a similar document customized to the major(s) advised in each unit to address the various issues that commonly arise in those advising appointments. 

--Patty Slagel 


Student #: 


Major: CGPA/__ Att/__ E/__ IP.

Intended major: 

Prereqs not complete or in progress: 

General ed requirements not complete or in progress: 

Spring schedule: 

With this schedule, student is eligible to apply to major during Spring 17 term, provided minimum grades and CGPA requirements are satisfied. [Student can come to advising office the day before classes begin to request up to 2 BCOR classes, subject to availability.] 


With this schedule, student can complete prereqs during fall/summer 17 term and apply to major, provided minimum grades and CGPA requirements are satisfied. 


Priority registration: