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Using prior earned credit toward degree requirements


Typically, degree programs utilize the most recent attempt a student has made in a course. The most recent attempt will also populate in a student’s DegreeWorks audit. Before this policy update, if the student earned a poor grade on a subsequent attempt at the course, the student could experience setbacks, delay of progression through the major and other consequences. For example, if a student had an earned grade of C- in MATH 126, chose to take the course again and subsequently earned a D, the student would not be able to progress further along the math path without taking the course for a third time and earning at least a C- again.

What has changed? The policy has been updated with the following language: At the discretion of the dean of the student's major college, a prior course attempt with a passing grade may fulfill a program requirement.

Advisers should encourage students to write to the dean of their college to obtain permission to utilize a prior earned grade toward a program requirement, if the adviser deems it to be in the student’s best interests. Students seeking an appeal for a 3rd or 4th attempt at a course may also find this updated policy helpful.

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