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Program and Course Updates set to go into effect for Fall 2024


Please note the following updates to majors, minors, and courses set to take effect for Academic Year 2024-25.  

Advisers will soon be able to reference the 2024-25 academic catalog for plans of study and other specifics.



Mental Health and Addiction Studies

  • Reduced major/program courses and increased general education hours from 6 to 34. Some of the major/program courses were deleted while others were moved into the elective pools.
  • Added the new CAHS 300 Career Exploration course.
  • Changed the selection of elective pool courses from a number of selections dictated for each pool to selection of four courses total from the across the pools or within a single pool. The latter permits a student to in essence create their own AoE. 
  • Restructured the capstone to include a required field experience. (COUN 491 Field Experience was an elective and has now been deleted from the program).
  • The major remains at 120 hours total.


Addiction Studies Minor

  • Capstone is no longer required.
  • COUN 440 Capstone was replaced with COUN 320 Prevention in Mental Health and Addiction.
  • The minor can now be completed in as little as two semesters!

Human Services Minor

  • Capstone is no longer required.
  • COUN 415 was replaced with CDFS 110 Families Across the Life Span. 

Please contact Frankie Tack ( with any questions about the Mental Health & Addiction Studies major or the Addiction Studies and Human Services minors. 

Sport Communication Minor

  • JRL 361 can now be found as MDIA 361
  • SEP 271 has been renumbered to SEP 371
  • ACE 265 added as elective option (formerly listed as ACE 305)

Diversity in Physical Activity and Sport

  • Minor has been renamed Development Through Sport and Physical Activity
  • SEP 271 has been renumbered to SEP 371

Sport Coaching 

  • ACE 305 now numbered as ACE 265

Personal Training and Group Fitness

  • All required PASS and ACE courses for this minor have been renamed with the subject code HWB.  
    • Example: PASS 373: HWB 373
  • PASS 375 replaced with HWB 470

Physical Training and Performance

  • Required courses include PET 244, ACE 310, ACE 327 OR EXPH 364, ACE 307 OR EXPH 368, ACE 469, ACE 473
  • Minor is no longer 17-18 credits, but 17 credits

Sport & Exercise Psychology

  • Minor has been split into two:  Sport and Performance Psychology OR Exercise Psychology

Health Coaching

  • SEP 383 renumbered to SEP 283
  • PASS 375 under new subject code HWB 375
  • PET 403 no longer variable credit for the minor
  • Minor changed from 15-18 credits to 15 credits



Classics classes that have previously had a CLAS prefix will now have a humanities designation and HUM prefixes. 

CLAS 231 Greek and Roman Civilization and Culture à HUM 231 Greek and Roman Civilization and Culture. 

Similar to other crosswalks, the registrar has marked courses with the updated prefixes as equivalent, so they should automatically be processed for student who wish to D/F repeat those classes. If a student has previously taken CLAS 231 successfully (C- or higher) and take HUM 231, this will result in duplicate credit and populate into Incomplete, Withdraw, Repeated block of DegreeWorks, so please be mindful during advising.  

In addition, Humanities, Philosophy, and Religious Studies will be offering more honors sections of their GEF courses. These courses will help students to earn honors credits with their GEF courses and remain CPoS compliant.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Eberly Advising Office 304-293-7476! 

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