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GEF Updates for 2024-25


Advisers can now find the most updated GEF offerings for 2024-25 here. The page also indicates courses no longer offered. 

Here are some notable additions:  

Beginning Fall 2024  

  • MATH 122 will be 3 credits and count as a GEF 3 for any student needing to take it for progression in their major.  This class will still be limited to only students who need to take it to progress to MATH 124 or MATH 126.  

  • EDUC 232 Data Literacy: Strategies and Applications will count as a GEF 3  

  • CDFS 116 Exploring and Thriving during Emerging Adulthood will count as a GEF 4 

  • HONR 212 The Salem Witch Trials will count as a GEF 5 

  • SEP 271 has been renumbered to SEP 371.  SEP 271 will still count as a GEF 4.  Please note students who take SEP 271 who already have credit for SEP 371 will have duplicate credit. 

  • ESWS subject code replaced ENVP subject code for 119, 119L and 155.  Students who received credit for these courses as ENVP and take them again under the ESWS code will have duplicate credit. 

  • HUM subject code replaced CLAS for 231 and 232.  Students who already have credit for the CLAS coursers will receive duplicate credit if they register for them again as HUM courses.