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Get Involved: Join AAC Executive Council, Committees


Want to get involved with the AAC? Serve on the Executive Committee! 

The Academic Advising Council was founded to provide a voice, networking and professional development for academic advising at WVU. 

In the years that followed, the AAC has worked on projects related to improving communications, developed a university-wide survey on advising for students, and provided a platform for information to be distributed to advisers at WVU.  

In recent years, the AAC has refined its function to continue to provide a platform to receive updates on advising and student success and offer feedback, as well as work within a subcommittee structure on projects that advance the mission, vision and values of academic advising at WVU.   

For the coming academic year, we invite interested members to get involved in the AAC Executive Committee in one of the following ways:   

  • Participation in a subcommittee during the academic year in a leadership role.
  • Representation from relevant adjacent support units (Ex: Registrar, Student Financial Services, etc.) 

AAC Exec attempts to maintain balance on committees with representation of schools and colleges. Members will participate in a pre-Fall “welcome back” meeting and attend monthly group meetings with guest presenters and expectation of sharing out subcommittee updates. 

AAC Subcommittees:   

  • Social/networking 
  • Professional Development 
  • Assessment of Advising Practices 
  • Nicholas Evans Academic Advising Awards 

AAC Exec and subcommittees work provide an excellent opportunity for leadership development and growth. Focusing on a project for the academic year, receiving data from other units across campus and providing feedback also help the entire University community. 

For questions or to express interest, please email  AAC Exec Committee